Öğretmen Diyarı

Mutlaka Bilinmesi Gereken İngilizce Kelimeler (YDS)

1. Önemli ; significant, remarkable, notable, considerable, vital, crucial, dramatical, drastical, outstanding, prominent, eminent, substential.

2. Yaklaşık olarak ; roughly around, about, some, by, approximately, virtually, almost, nearly,

3. İstekli, meraklı ; willing, eager, keen, İsteksiz ; unwilling, reluctant,

4. Eğer ; suppose, supposing that, so/as long as, provided/providing that, should, on condition that,

5. Çünkü ; because, since, as, for, now that, on ground that, Yüzünden ; because of, due to, owing to, on account of, on grounds of,

6. -e rağmen/ fakat ; although, though, even though/if, even so, but, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, whereas, while,

7. Hassas ; delicate, sensitive, fragile, susceptible, vulnerable.

8. Ardından ; successive, respective, consecutive, subsequent.

9. Sonunda ; finally, at last, eventually, Başlangıçta ; initially, at first, originally,

10. Bir şeye bağlı olmak ; depend on, rely on, lean on, based on, trust in,

11. Bir şeyin taraftarı olmak ; advocate, proponent, adherent, supporter,

12. İstemek, gerektirmek ; demand, require, involve, call for, entail.

13. Yalnızca ; only, merely, excusively, solely,

14. Yeterli derecede ; sufficient , adequate, enough, ample,

15. X ölçüde, miktarda ; on a X scale, at a X rate, to a X extent,

16. Anlaşmazlık; conflict, contradiction, contoversy, debate, dispute, disagreement,

17. Avantaj / dezavantaj ; pros and cons, Dezavantaj ; setback, drawback, shortcoming.


tamamiyle, tümüyle

1. absolutely ===>>> At the end of the day, we were absolutely exhausted.
2. entirely ===>>> Our foundation entirely depends on voluntary contributions.
3. completely ===>>> After having a bath, I felt completely relaxed.
4. quite ===>>> You're quite right!
5. wholly ===>>> The secretary we've hired does not seem wholly reliable.
6. fully ===>>> I can fully understand what you mean.
7. thoroughly ===>>> I thoroughly approve of your decision to get married.
8. utterly ===>>> It would be utterly impossible to arrange the party without you.
9. totally ===>>> They totally agree with us.

oldukça, son derece, çok

10. highly ===>>> We need highly educated workers.
11. deeply ===>>> I'm deeply grateful for everything you've done for me.
12. greatly ===>>> They have all greatly benefited from their teacher's knowledge.
13. awfully ===>>> It's awfully cold in here. Will you turn the heater up?
14. badly ===>>> I badly want to help you, but there is nothing that I can do.
15. terribly ===>>> We missed you terribly, son!
16. seriously ===>>> He was seriously injured after the accident.
17. far ===>>> The new car is far faster than the old one.

bir hayli, oldukça

18. fairly ===>>> I'm fairly certain that I've been here before.
19. quite ===>>> This hotel is quite expensive. Let's go another one!
20. rather ===>>> It's rather cold. Can you close the window, please?
21. pretty ===>>> I was nervous before the exam, but the exam was pretty easy.
22. bitterly ===>>> They were bitterly disappointed with the decision.

kısmen, biraz

23. partially ===>>> Doing well in exams is partially a matter of luck.
24. partly ===>>> Your figures were partly correct, not totally!
25. slightly ===>>> Jane is slightly taller than her sister Barbara.
26. somewhat ===>>> I was somewhat surprised by your words.

muazzam, son derece, büyük ölçüde

27. immensely ===>>> I enjoyed the film immensely.
28. enormously ===>>> The project has proven to be enormously successful.
29. tremendously ===>>> He's tremendously wealthy.

aşırı biçimde, son derece

30. extremely ===>>> The kids were extremely filthy when coming in from the garden.
31. exceedingly ===>>> The room is exceedingly hot. I'm sweating profusely.
32. excessively ===>>> The new law makes us pay excessively high taxes.

kesin olarak, muhakkak, tabiiki, elbette

33. certainly ===>>> The time I spend with you is certainly the happiest in my life.
34. positively ===>>> Your performance was positively marvellous. You were great.
35. decidedly ===>>> The new manager is decidedly better than the previous one.

kuvvetle, şiddetle, yoğun biçimde

36. intensely ===>>> I dislike Jill intensely.
37. strongly ===>>> I strongly believe that he's innocent.
38. firmly ===>>> I closed the doors and the windows firmly before leaving home.

inanılmaz şekilde

39. incredibly ===>>> It's incredibly difficult to rent a cheap apartment in London.
40. unbelievably ===>>> Nicotine is unbelievably harmful to your body.


41. comparatively ===>>> The crime rate is comparatively rare in this part of the city.
42. relatively ===>>> Land prices in here are relatively cheap.

dikkate değer derecede, çok

43. considerably ===>>> Our financial condition has improved considerably as of late.
44. remarkably ===>>> The amount they offered for the house was remarkably high.

gerçekten, doğruca, samimi

45. really ===>>> Hurry up! You walk really slowly.
46. truly ===>>> I don't think you're truly sorry.

olağanüstü biçimde,

47. extraordinarily ===>>> In your evening gown you look extraordinarily beautiful.

müstesna olarak, fevkalade

48. exceptionally ===>>> He plays the violin exceptionally well.

makul, anlaşılır biçimde

49. reasonably ===>>> The car is reasonably priced.

nadiren, olağandışı

50. unusually ===>>> For a child of his age, his performance was unusually good.

gülünç derecede, çok

51. ridiculously ===>>> Oh! The dress is ridiculously expensive.

dile düşmüş olarak

52. notoriously ===>>> The new system is notoriously difficult to learn.


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